Ziva Meditation – Ziva Rounding


Who’s ready to learn “Rounding” aka industrial strength meditation.
Rounding is the fastest, most powerful meditation technique I know. It gets rid of very old stress in the body by de-exciting your nervous system in a whole new way. It is a more physical practice so it gets rid of old stuff the body has been holding. You will leave the workshop with a personalized take home program from me.
No one cares if you’re good at meditation. Everyone cares if you’re good at life.
How kind are you? How present are you? How do you use your gifts to serve the world?
Ziva will help you move beyond dabbling with free apps and into a committed relationship with a technique that will change. your. life.
Invest 2% of your day
Get back hours in your day… without having to ‘clear your mind,’ burn incense or rely on an app.
Get better at life
Deeper sleep, less anxiety, more energy… oh yeah, and better sex. But this is only the start.
Return to who you are
Remember what you were put on this planet to do. And then do it.

This and 4000+ Courses and wso can be downloaded as a premium member for only $39.

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Ziva Meditation - Ziva Rounding
Ziva Meditation – Ziva Rounding
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