Sean Longden – Conquer Cold Calling


Sean Longden – Conquer Cold Calling
CONQUER cold calling. Supercharge your confidence and close clients with ease!
If I had to choose just one form of outreach, it would be cold calling! Let me show you why.
You see…
When it comes to email you have domain reputation, deliverability, spam etc to worry about.
LinkedIn is now limited to only 100 connections a week…
BUT, when it comes to cold calling, there are no limits!
The speed at which you can convert prospects into clients is UNMATCHED.
You’ll tap into an outreach channel that has helped people earn BILLIONS of dollars
Take the following example…
When you reach out through email, you have to write back and forth until you can get prospects on the phone.
When it comes to cold calling – you can just pick up the phone and speak to them…
And as you have probably noticed during your OWN outreach…
There are industries that just don’t respond to emails and aren’t on LinkedIn.
So the only way to get through to them is by calling!
i.e. plumbers, roofers, landscapers, electricians etc
You’re much more likely to turn them from a prospect to a client by getting on the phone with them.
And cod calling doesn’t just work for local business either…
It’s entirely possible to get CEO’s of multi-million dollar businesses on the phone with just ONE call.
It’s not as hard as it might seem.

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Sean Longden – Conquer Cold Calling
Sean Longden – Conquer Cold Calling
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